Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Popular Organic Air Fresheners

Are you are someone who is very health conscious and prefers green organic food rather than the junk food and pesticide-grown vegetables and fruits? Then you will surely be very happy to know that now you can not only eat and drink organic, but also perfume your home with natural and organic substances. Surprised? Don’t be! You will be even more elated when you find out that you can make these organic air fresheners right at home. Isn’t that such a wonderful idea? Read through to find out more about common household substances that you can use to make your home or office smell heavenly.

Didn’t expect a drink on the list of air fresheners? Vodka contains ethyl alcohol, which makes it a very good choice to remove musty odors. If you have closed up your home and are going back after a long time, then don’t forget to take a bottle of vodka with you. After you open up the house, spray some vodka in the air to remove that stale musty smell. You can also add a couple of drops to oil and leave it in open for the smell to slowly penetrate the air.

Open Windows
Yes, there’s nothing better than opening up the windows in the house and letting some fresh air inside. If you have some geraniums plants on the window sill, it is even better. The air entering the home will bring in the natural smell of these perfumed flowers, making your home smell lovely. An open window also invite sun light in, which will freshen up the air in the room.

Scented Oils
If you go to an organic store near your home, you will find plenty of aromatic oils such as jasmine oil, lemon oil, cedar wood oil, cinnamon oil and more. Pick your favorite scent. Just pour a few drops on thick sheets to make your very own paper air fresheners at home. You can then place these perfumed papers anywhere at home to make that place smell nice.

If you can’t find the time to prepare organic air fresheners at home, you can always check out online stores where you can find them at affordable prices. These air fresheners are made from completely natural substances and will not have harmful chemicals. Whether you want to get sprays or paper air fresheners, you will find them at these online outlets. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

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Mumbai and Delhi are two iconic metro cities in the country. They are equally important as Delhi is the capital and Mumbai is the financial capital of India. In such conditions, it is natural that people travel a lot between these two cities for various reasons. Politicians, heads of big corporate houses, real estate giants are all among the frequent travelers from Mumbai to Delhi and vice versa. Looking at the distance between these two cities, air travel is the best option to reach the destination in a faster manner. if you look at the Mumbai to Delhi Air Ticket availability on a daily basis, then you can come to know about the number of travelers using the airline services to travel from Mumbai to Delhi. Amongst these travelers, most of them buy their air tickets from web portals those provide service for online ticket booking for various airline companies. The reason is that Cheap Air Tickets from Mumbai to Delhi are available on these websites and a person who is a frequent flyer can save a lot on the travel expenses.

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